G-drive got formatted after data already on it. Help!

Is there anyway to recover the 2 years worth of files I saved on my G-drive Mobile USB-C? I could see and use everything just fine. It showed up on my home and school computer as a mobile G-drive. Then I asked my husband to look at a file and he couldn’t see it on his computer, so he formatted the drive and now neither of us can see any files. I did try one deep Recuva scan and that didn’t find the files either. However the drive says it has 131 GB of used space. Thank you if you can give me any advice that will not cost me a ton of money.

Undelete_plus dot exe may do it - google for that. It’s a small file <1MB - but even so don’t put it on your G drive. For safety’s sake in the first instance I’d try to restore it to a spare partition.