G-Drive for Mac and Windows


I need to transfer all my photo files from a G-Drive formatted for Mac to a new G-Drive formatted for Windows. It is about 3 TB of data.

Is there a better way to accomplish this? I do not want to risk losing the files or corrupting them.

Thank you!


A better way than what?


I formatted a new G-Drive with windows.
I have an old G-Drive formatted with Mac.
I plugged in my Mac both G-Drives. I can see the files from one drive or the other. When I try to copy the files from the Mac to the Windows drive, the computer does not allow as the files do not move. It seems the system does not recognize the Windows G-Drive when dragging the files.
Could you please let me know if this is clear and if you have a way to address the issue?


Windows only formatted drives are NTFS and they are read-only on a Mac. They will show but you cannot make changes.

Windows on the other hand cannot read Mac formatted drives period.

In order to use the drive on both systems you can just format it exFAT and it will be read/write on both systems.


Thank you, Rydia.
I will have to Google how to format exFAT now.