G-Drive External drive "not properly ejected" multiple messages when computer has been asleep

G-Drive External drive “not properly ejected” multiple messages when computer has been asleep for longer than say, 5 minutes. When I first purchased the drive a few years ago this did not happen. Can’t remember if it started after a system upgrade (iMac), but in any case I recently completely wipe my computer and started from zero and I am running Catalina, but this still is happening. I’ve tried all the system preference suggestions with no luck. I also have a seagate external drive that plugs into a power source and I have never had this problem with that drive. I do not, to my knowledge, have any WD software installed on my computer. I’ve seen in my internet searches that loads of people have this problem, can’t seem to narrow down a solution as of yet. Would appreciate input from those that have successfully solved this issue.