G-DRIVE EV ATC with Thunderbolt

Hi, I have the 1tb G-DRIVE EV ATC with Thunderbolt and is it possible to swap the hdd out of the G-DRIVE Raw enclosure and replace with my own SSD and insert back into the terrain case? There are no screws on the G-DRIVE RAW but it is just a 2.5 inch enclosure? All answers welcome.

It might be possible, however the ATC is pretty large inside and only fits the EV carts. If you can get it to mount inside then it should work.

Hi Rydia, can the EV drive be opened and is there a EV caddy for the ATC enclosure? The SATA connection is at the bottom of the case and yes a drive could be connected but not very easy hence the EV ennclosure to take advantage of the SATA connection and thus make it compatible.

They can be opened but it isn’t with screws it is a sealed unit you would have to pry apart if you wanted access to the inside. It isn’t a user serviceable type of device.

How would you go about opening? is there a EV caddy or enclosure that you sell?