G-Drive errors out after copying a few files on from my MAC

Hello I have a G-Drive 6TB external drive. I purchased it to use with my MacBook pro. I have attempted several times to copy files from my MacBook Pro and my external Seagate Hard drive and each time it fails. It will copy serveral files to the drive and then I get error - 36 on my Macbook Pro. I can copy files from my MacBook Pro to external Seagate Hard drive with no problems. Can someone please help me out.

Thank you

Have you attempted erasing the drive on the Disk Utility? -36 is a very generic error that usually refers to read/write errors.

You can try another USB cable just in case to see if that is the issue. Otherwise a replacement drive would be in order.

You can create an RMA to get a replacement drive on our site here: RMA Creation