G Drive error...?

Let this picture sum up the problem I’ve been having for a clearer explaination: (besure to right click and choose “view image” for a bigger picture")

drive problem.jpg

As you can see that my Mybook drive is inaccessible as highlighted although my Driver Management says the drive is healthy and and of course I’m currently scanning it with testdisk. Well is there a way to fix my Mybook here? Story is I have two computers and I was installing programs because my other is 32 bit and once I succefully installed the program, plugged the mybook to my other computer (which is 64 bit) and it has been happening eversince (which in that computer it shows up in the F drive but in the other computer it shows up in the G drive). Also before I disconnected the mybook I remember seeing files in the recycle bin that I have deleted from the other computer from the Mybook that somehow ended up in the other computer which was kinda strange. Of course everytime I try to connect the Mybook now it  pops up with “format disk” message which I don’t want.

Anyway can anyone help me here especially indentifying what you can see in the picture? Of course according to disk management it says the drive is healthy which I doubt it’s corrupted which I hope…

The pic hasn’t been released yet so I’ll look later.


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Apparently I clicked the wrong solution button…

Fixed for you.

Did you solve the problem? The partition is Raw which means some type of corruption. Something like TestDisk  http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk may fix it. Read the tutorial there. Thare are also a lot of data recovery programs like Recuva. A last ditch fix is something I’ve seen posted on other sites to fix this. It’s running the command prompt to convert FAT32 to NTFS. Here is a link to get the command right http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214579 If you try the command prompt and it works how about posting back.

Have same problem with My Book Essential… System sees the disk, but it is RAW and suggests to format. Now checking by TestDisk 6.13 , very slow (3TB). Also wrote to support, no feedback so far. Will be asking on the way…

After initial quick search the TestDisk reported “No partition” and suggest A: add new partition and L: load back-up. I select “add partition” then got proposal to select Cylinder, then Head Sector, etc. Do I need to select all of these?

Thanks in advance