G-Drive does not back up my MAC

This is only my second time to use g-drive mobile USB. The first time I used it, the backup automatically started. Now nothing automatically starts and there is no selection to start the backup.

I’m on a Mac, and I can see the drive in in the Finder display.
I have run First Aid on the Disk Utility app. No issues found.

I’m not sure what is wrong. Would appreciate any help.


Check your Time Machine preferences and check if there are multiple backup disks associated with your Time Machine.

Click Add/Change backup Disks and you will see two sections. Backup Disks at the top and Available Disks below. If you are running into an issue now we suggest selecting the Backup Disks above and removing them. Then once removed click Select Disk and chose the G-Drive mobile USB and click Use Disk. This will clear off any older backup devices that can sometimes hold up backups.

My G drove had been working fine for several years. Now suddenly Time Machine says not can back up.
I can read the data on the drive fine. Disk repair says all is OK. What should I do?

Make sure Time Machine preferences are set correctly and it is using the correct drive. Also sometimes Time Machine backups can get corrupted and you might need to erase the drive and start the backups over again.

Thanks for the reply. None of the settings have changed, and they look correct.
I erased the drive, and then started the backup. It looked promising, and ran for a long time.

But then it failed again as before. Is there any hope?


It is possible it fails the backup at a point due to other issues. Sometimes the drive has gone to sleep and it is not awake in time for the next backup to occur. If that happens you can just disconnect the drive and reconnect then select the Backup Now on Time Machine icon and see if it begins right away.

I now got a message that there is not enough space available.

You’re going to want to delete older backups or erase the drive entirely and start the backups over.