G Drive Desktop not running as USB3 speeds


I’ve got two G drive desktop drives, both purchased within the year – one 4TB and one 10TB. I’m on the Windows 10 platform with Paragaon installed. All USB drivers are up to date (per Driver Easy).

Here’s the thing-- the drives run at around 40mb/s and not USB 3 speeds (north of 100mb/s). I’m cutting 4k video, so in Premiere I get audio dropout after 3 seconds or so, even at 1/16 resolution, making it impossible to cut. I project managed a chunk of the piece to a Samsumg T5 running off a USB C port and it plays full-res no problem.

I’ve tried various USB3 ports on my MB. The USB3 ports work with an older WD Elements drive posting respectable USB3 speeds. Neither of the G drives work similarly.

One of the drives is formatted exFat and the other HFS+. Both appear properly in Disk Manager.

They’ve both been HFS+ and both exFAT with the same problems (with the footage that took DAYS to move!). Paragon Software took a pass on having anything to do with it.

Any ideas hive mind?

Thanks in advance (of the approaching sickle-of-death deadline).