G Drive - 4TB Raid Vibrates


My 4TB seems to vibrate 4 times then does not show up on my MacBook does anyone think this might be a hard rive failure?


First place to check if you do not see the drive on your desktop is Disk Utility. You can verify if it is a hardware related issue or perhaps software corruption by doing so.

If it shows up there but not mounting then it is likely corruption and you can clean off the drive with an Erase and continue using the drive. If there is content inside you need then you can attempt to repair/rebuild it with 3rd party software such as Disk Warrior.

If it doesn’t show up in Disk Utility then you need to look at external things such as USB/Thunderbolt cable depending on how you have it attached, verify the power adapter make sure it matches the proper output requirements. If it is a G-DRIVE then it will be 12v and 2a depending on generation.