G-Drive 4TB - failed - trust again?


G-Drive 4TB - failed

USB 3.0 / 4TB
SKU: 0G02537
Model: GDREU 3PB 40001BDB

This drive was purchased a few years ago. It failed and put in a box to be replaced, but never sent.
I have reconnected it using the USB 3 cable. I have added test files and it seems to work fine.
However, DiskUtility shows 1.11 GB of existing files, but they can not be accessed. (The reason it was taken out of service a couple years ago).

I have used:
Disk Utility (to run “Repair”)
Disk Warrior (to rebuild the directory).

Disk Utility still shows 1.11 GB of files, but they are not accessible.

So, the good news is this was a backup of a backup disk.

• Question: can I trust it now to put back into service?


Hi wilddave11 ,

Maybe you should try contacting G-Tech’s Technical Support about this.

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