G. Drive 4T USB problem

Hi there

My G drive 4T show that drive is not accessible,
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

What can I do now?



Is this an internal drive? Have you done any basic trouble shooting, like trying it on another pc? Does it show up in Computer? If not, does it show up in Disk Management?

Thanks your reply

That is external , I tried plug to another PC have same problem Even I change power supply & USB
Cable ,
It shown RAW in the disk management.


If the drive is behaving this way on multiple PCs and it is appearing RAW in Disk Management then it points towards a corrupted drive.

If there is data on the drive that you need, you will need to use data recovery software to attempt to get it. GetDataBack and Data Rescue are among some we have recommended.

If the data is not important you can attempt to right click on the drive in Disk Management and initialize the disk and create a new volume.