G-Dock Not Mirroring Drives

Hey there, having an issue with my G-Dock. I had thought it was working fine, but realized the drives stopped mirroring at some point. I often remove the top drive to take home with me each night so data is in different places. I assumed that even if I use the top drive on it’s own via USB, they would mirror once I put it back in the dock and restart / remount the doc.

I took the bottom drive home last night and plugged it in via USB to check it, realizing it has not been mirroring files for quite some time. Seemed to mount just fine, though files are outdated.

I have no idea how to resolve this and am need of help. In addition, even though I have the G-Tech Assistant alive and working on my laptop, the dock LEDs are not working, just those on the drives.

As an aside, the data on the first drive seems to be intact and I use it daily. Hoping to resolve this ASAP for obvious reasons. Appreciate any help.

The drives do not mirror themselves and keep themselves up to date.

If you remove a drive from a RAID 1 it will require you to manually rebuild it each time and the process takes many hours. We actually do not recommend doing that with this product as it is a software RAID and the process is slow and arduous.

For the G-DOCK the best solution is to keep the drives as JBOD (no RAID) and let them mount as individual drives like out of the box. You can than use a 3rd party software to sync them together in a much quicker fashion and it will automatically update itself. The software recommended is Chrono Sync.

Thank you for the reply, but I’m confused, being that this functionality is how the drive is marketed and why I chose this solution. If it makes a difference, this is the G-Dock ev Thunderbolt.

If that doesn’t make a difference, how do I go about changing the configuration without losing any data? Basically, the top drive is up to date, bottom isn’t. I could mount the drives via USB and manually copy the data, then change the configuration and install the software.

If you can provide the steps I should take, I’d appreciate it. If not, please provide a link to the specific info and perhaps a phone number to reach you, if that would be easier.

Thank you.

You can call into our support at 888.426.5214 at any time.

The process is basically to extract the most up to date data you have and store it somewhere else for the time being. Then while in the Disk Utility delete the RAID which should be listed as the last item.