G Dock ev will not mount

I have a G-Dock ev, that holds two 1TB G/drives. It has two thunderbolt ports but no external USB port. While there is power to the dock, evidenced by the lights on both drives being illuminated. It will not longer mount the drives. I also do not see the drives listed when I use the view all option in Disk Utility. I have reset both the NVRAM/PRAM and the SMC and still no luck.

These hold all of my photography images. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A further update. I ejected one of the drives from the G-Dock and put it into the G/ev All Terrain Case I own. It connects via a USB to the computer. The drive connected fine and all of the data was accessible.

So, I assume the problem lies in either the thunderbolt cable or in the thunderbolt connections on either the dock or my iMac.

We have the same problem since 3 weeks… Hard Drives are ok outside the enclosure in USB.
What should we do the warranty is just over, How can we fix this ? Who can fix/repair those G-Dock ev thunderbolt enclosures ?

The issue you are experiencing would likely be due to the enclosure failing, either the TB bus or controller inside. At this point beyond warranty another Dock would be needed or to use the drives via their USB connections outside of the dock.

Rydia is it possible to order only the dock and not the internal hard drives?

Not from us, but there are various re-sellers out there that still sell the dock with or without drives.

So basically this product is discontinued?

Thanks for this reply. In resume there is no way to send this for replacement part or repair ?