G-DOCK ev Fan Failure?

Hi there

I have a G-DOCK ev that I bought with my 2013 Mac Pro along with several of the ev disk modules.

On running a backup I noticed the ev disk module came out hotter than usual, and checking round the back of the G-dock, I saw that its fan was not spinning. Running another backup I did not see any fan movement either, so it may be kaput. The dock and disks works fine otherwise.

I wondered if these little fans are easily replaceable with a standard unit, or is there any recourse to G-Tech for support on this in the UK ? As I bought the unit about 7 years ago I imagine there’s no real issue with breaking the warranty seal.

I am running in Mac OS Catalina. G-Tech Assistant software is v2.7(141), there does not seem to have been an update on this for a long time.

Thank you for any advice


@FireflyMuse To resolve this issue you can re-boot the unit.

Engaging the fan is not dangerous to the drive or any of your data. If this issue continues please Contact Us so that we can verify if your unit requires a firmware update or replacement.

Thanks for the reply

I have turned the unit off and on a few times, but the fan is never spinning up either idle or under load.

I opened up the case (as it’s 7 years old and out of warranty) and checked the plug connection to the fan. Using a voltmeter I measured no voltage on the fan plug terminals even with a drive inserted and operating, so not sure if it’s the fan, a sensor issue or as you say, firmware.

My G-Dock ev Thunderbolt firmware version is 26.1

I have also upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur with no change

Actually my fan seems to be working again now after leaving it on soak test with two drives inserted.

The incidents with a very hot drive and no fan activity happened when using just the top slot under heavy load.

I guess it’s possible that, with the sensor being mounted between the drives, it may be better to use the lower slot when running just a single drive, to more effectively trigger the fan as heat rises. That’s just a theory though !

Thanks again :slight_smile: