G and h drives!

G drive on my My Book Wd Smartware drive is completly empty. But I think all of my files are on my H drive on the same external hardware. How can I switch drives so I can get to my files?


Please if possible can you be a little bit more specific. How did you backup your data? Did you use WD SmartWare? Or manually backup your files?

Well, I kept putting all of my files in a hard drive named G. Then one day (I have no idea why) the file had been renamed H. After my laptop crashed (with my hard drive still plugged in) the hard drive was renamed G and now when I open  it, the drive is completly empty. However, it still shows the same amount of files in the drive itself, but when I open it to view them, there’s nothing inside of drive G. Is there a reason why my hard drive switched from a drive labeled as G to one labeled H? And is there any way I can get my files back? I have a My Book Essiental by the way. Thanks.