FYI Firmware Upgrade

For anyone out there reading this forum that needs help on firmware upgrades.  I have been back and forth for a month now with WD tech support to try to get the firmware since automatic does not work.  Here’s what THEIR document states:

To update the firmware: Manual

  1. Contact WD Technical Support to get the firmware file. Upon receipt of the firmware, save it
    to your PC desktop.
  2. In Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, launch the WD Discovery Tool and select
    Configure to open the user interface. Mac users, use Bonjour.
  3. Enter your admin name and password and click the Login button.
  4. From the opening screen after you login, click Advanced Mode at the top of the user interface.
  5. The screen will open at default System Tab view.
  6. Click the Update button.
  7. You will see two tabs Automated (default) and Manual. Click on the Manual tab.
  8. Under the Firmware Upgrade section, enter the path to the firmware file or click the Browse
    button to locate the file.
  9. Click the Submit button to transfer the firmware file from your PC to your network storage
    drive. This process will take a few minutes. Once the upgrade process is complete, the system
    will reboot and return to the opening login user interface screen.

Now the hard part - try to get them to send you the file!  So far they will not.  Not sure why but I do know that absolutely every other device I have on my home and office network has a manual update option where I can simply go to the internet and download with my computer.  What is the issue here?  I will keep you up-to-date on the status of this since I cannot seem to find help anywhere and maybe sometime in the near future they will do right by the customer.  That way someone else may not have to waste hours on a simple firmware upgrade.

Tried absolutely everything in this forum and by their request, automatic does not work.