FW4.x taking very long for a reboot

Is it just me or a reboot of the mycloud drive on FW 4.x takes really long. It stays on whitel led for a very long time.

I have two drives and both take the same amount of time to firts become pingable and then to go blue led.

From the moment i give the reboot command via ssh. It takes 3:30 to become pingable and then another 2 min before i can access the share. That 5:30 for it come back from a reboot.

There are no network issues, drives get a static ip from the router based on mac address.

I recall on fw3.x it hardly took more than 2 min

Trying it now…

rebooted via SSH.

Pings resumed after 2 minutes, 19 seconds.

Shares accessible after 3 minutes 15 seconds total.

This is a 2TB model.

Thanks for checking.

Does the drive do a file system check at each reboot? Both my drives stay at the whitel led about 80% of the reboot time.

4 minute of white led and then after 5 min i get solid blue led.

Not that I know of… it should only do a file system check if an error is detected.

The boot log might have a record of that if it does…


I have the same issue and I have 2 - 3TB My Clouds. One is a year older than the other one. The oldest My Cloud has been through 5 or 6 firmware updates. The newest one has only been through 1 firmware update. The oldest My Cloud takes about the same amount of time that you are describing. The newest one is half of that. It seems that every firmware update slows the boot-up time and ever since the firmware 4 versions this has gotten extremely noticeable. :frowning:

hi…we are using the pr4100 8TB unit - not knowing why & when (exactly) it now says system rebooting for almost 4hours now since we noticed. we don’t know if it updated or what.
does it update by itself?
is it safe to unplug & restart again?

Please note the PR4100 is a completely different device with different features and multiple hard drives. The initial post of this discussion is asking a question about a single bay/single drive first generation My Cloud which runs a different firmware than the multi bay My Cloud models.

There is a dedicated subforum for the PR series, if you haven’t seen it already, where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist.

Generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud units a long startup process can be due to several possible factors, here are a few.

  • Large amounts of data on the drive which the My Cloud scans at start up.
  • The My Cloud could be performing a disk check to ensure it’s operating properly.
  • There could be a network issue causing the My Cloud to have trouble obtaining an IP address.
  • If one has unbricked their My Cloud using a different hard drive that drive could be a slower hard drive than the original hard drive that came with the My Cloud (usually a WD Red).