FW update;green light;unable to access UI

Hi all,

I have a mybook live and have had it since Jan. Since then I’ve updated the firmware without an issue. I have a lot of files on the drive, some personal (e.g. movies, music) and professional work, which I access daily.

I ssue:

Updated latest firmware this weekend from the UI.

After this was done, the green light was flashing for a few hours and now on on permanently.

Now I’m unable to access the box using the UI.

I had SSH enabled, but unable to access the box using SSH. 

I have been trawling through past post and have tried a few things (e.g. reset the box (4 sec)) but nothing. 

Anyone can shed some solution would be appreciated. I’ll keep trawling the net. 


  • Update -

Also have noticed the Router has not picked up the IP of the MBL hence why I could not connect. It is plugged into the spare port at the back, and lights are flashing on the router and the MBL. 

When you say that the reset button did nothing do you mean it did nothing to rectify the issue or it actually did NOTHING. When you press and hold it in, it should change a few settings back to default and reboot the MBL.
Did you notice if the LED changed colors and your MBL rebooted?

Hi Nfodiz

Yes, after 4s reset, the light on the front of the MBL flicked blinking green to stable green after about a min or two. Network cable is corrected between the router and MBL (have reconnected them again, and used another cable), and can see network activity as the lights are flickering on the RJ45 port on the back of the MBL. 

I’ve checked the Router again, and its’ not seeing the MBL.