FW 3.00.08 - Same old thing

The new firmware does add some new things and does have some impovements from version 2.08, however, there is still no support for true pngs and thumbnails that are .png (’.jpg extension") still do not display.

There is still the croping issue with thumbnails (and poster image) in themes that use large width & height settings.

The only bright side is that now powered USB HUB support is now available (it only took WD about a year to implement that) and now you can access RSS feeds.

I look for true pngs to be supported and the issues with the thumbnails being cropped to be fixed by next Christmas.

I second that, nothing has changed regarding png files nor has the thumbnail cropping issue and quality issue been changed. The Loading symbol animation is somehow replaced the the original themes symbol (alert_loading orange 360 arrow)

but there are also a few good things to report. The video run displays the poster of the file again and not the symbol for videos, locally stored backdrops load way faster and a couple of other things like displaying the running time without activating the media library in video list mode.

Yeah, I agree, there are a few good things like USB HUB support, RSS feeds and I like that you are able to set your own collector and point it to a folder on the local drive.  I also like the fact the backdrops load faster (however, displaying it instantly would still be preferable).

But the cropping issue and the fact that there’s no png support & they broke the .png (jpp extesion) trick is a non-started for me since my theme requires this.  And I have no plans to change things just fit a bad UI implementaion.

And basically this was just an import of the SMP firmware onto the HUB.

its rediculous how long it has taken them to impliment something as simple an png support. how long as png and jpg been standard formats for images? how long has it been proven that png is better than jpg[especially when wanting transparency]? Just doesnt make sense. Although with the new  bug forum they appear to be investigating it… hopefully next build?

Hopefully next build…hopefully next build…same ol’ same ol’  .  WD , in my opinion, has absolutely no intention of ever fixing png issues or any other issues that truly matter to people, issues that could make this an outstanding product…  stay on the Social network path WD… apparently I can now pack up my Xbox360 because darts has arrived in the games section…please


I just changed the moviename.jpg BACK to moviename.png, deleted the thumb folder in the .wd_tv folder, powerd the Hub off with the red remote button and turned it back on. After the compile I went in to the movies and the .png files are displaying as the covers (with reflections) but ARE getting cropped when larger images are used.

So I resized one of the cover .png files with Paint to 156X300 and it shows the cover but not the reflection at the bottom, it gets cut off. I’m thinking maybe make it even smaller and the whole image will show.

Now got a problem here because of terminology. I don’t know what the names of the different views are so I can’t tell you what view I’m looking at, I know this sounds ignorant.  But the view I most often use in Mojo is where the covers are at the bottom and the backdrop is displayed with a larger cover on the left.

likely gallery view

Yes that’s the Gallery view.

Pngs will display (as they always have), however they do not display a true pngs.  This is the problem.  The firmare converts the png to a jpg and caches it that way, so even though you may have a true .png what you are displaying is a true .jpg.

Also, it is not the size of the thumbnail that is the problem, it is the settings in the gallery xml file.  The HUB caches each image seperately for each setting in the xml file.  Basically the problem is with image handling not with the size of the image.

Ok well maybe I’m blind or something. I just changed ALL my covers back to png files and resized them to 118 X 225 and it looks the same to me on FW 3.00.28. Just seems to me that all that needs to be done is to change the template for TG so the covers are this size and not rename them to jpgs. Even the larger displays look good to me. I see the, I think it was about 4 for each movie, different thumbnail files in the thumb folder on thte Hubs drive.

But then I don’t know jack, I just see what I see :slight_smile:

This is how it caches a .png thumb and how it’s displayed:


And this is how it should look:


Also, yes resizing them will change how they are cached, however, as I said that is not the problem it’s with how they are handled via the xml. 

I hope they do fix it. But I’ll continue to do what I have done until they do fix it because I don’t want to give up the Mojo theme (unless it’s for the Drak Light theme) or the new features of the new firmware.

 Here’s what it looks like now:


I’m happy :slight_smile:

I am not trying to be miss smarty pants here, but when an image format is being robbed it’s native behavior what is the point of having it in the first place? The ENTIRE User Interface is made from transparent PNGs. They work fine because handled correctly. It is fair to ask who is this ■■■■■ who decided to cache a PNG file as a pixelated overcompresses JPG on a High Def system? 

You can compare that with…

a car without an engine

a boat that cannot swim

a computer without a screen


A Tv without remote

or vampires that sparkle in the sun :wink:

it’s nonsense


I COULDN’T agree more with  DeVicious. This is **bleep**

Going back to the FW before this…


@@ DeVicious

I couldn’t agree more DeVicious, this MAJOR flaw with PNG’s is quite unbelievable!!

I just don’t understand why WD have released yet ANOTHER flawed and BUG ridden FW update, without addressing the basics of a media player whose prime objectives is to display excellent quality IMAGES whether they are moving or static…

…I am simply left feeling Dumbfounded by WD’s lack of response to this important issue:cry:

I wouldn’t mind but I don’t believe we have had a valid explanation by WD about this issue??!!!

EDIT- Maybe Santa will fix it for US on Christmas Day!!

PS- I have not even wasted my time trying the FW upgrade (thanks to other users reports and comments on the remaining problems) and therefore I am reluctantly sad to say I will remain using FW 2.08.13

Well, the problem is with the implementation of third party coding in the firmware that coverts all images to jpg before cacheing them.  Before, with a .png(.jpg) it would ignore these files and just cache them as is, basically bypassing the coversion process.

With ver. 2.08 & now with 3.00 it appears something was added, most likely do to with how it caches the thumbnail image for each setting in the views xml, to not recognize a .png(.jpg) as an image and so not cacheing them at all.

Hi TW!

But your explanation doesn’t seem to explain anything to the LAY man!


I recently purchased the WD TV live Hub and want to say what a good job you guys have done with the themes, dispite the adversities with the firmware.

What makes a great product sometimes is the ability for the community to create 3rd party themes and addon’s that inhance the product itself.   So… to the WD developers, please make the .PNG and cache changes so your community and potenial customers can have options that inhance the product.

I love some of the themes, but unless I downgrade to a firmware I’m unable to use them properly… and I like some of the features added on the new firmware.   Your customers are stuck with minimal options because no one is bothering to make new themes.

WD… listen to the community please and make fixing these issues a priority!!!

I must say that i’m quite pleased with the features of the new firmware except:

the thumbnails resolution/compression/caching… issues

.png issues.

If these get fixed, my wdtv live hub won’t get sold next year!

Is the thumbnail problem happen with regular themes or just MS themes. I want to update for the usb hub support but i don’t it to mess with my huge collection.

im pretty sure the thumbnail issue is an issue with any them that implements reflection or transparency [or tries to] because these require png.

 I am also liking a lot of the features and fixes that have been reported in this build, as soon as they fix the display issues [and dont break this stuff in the process] I will finally upgrade and be happy [hopefully].