FW: 1.05.30 - CPU & network speed


since I got the firmware update 1.05.30 my network speed for moving files to the NAS is as low as ~30MB/s.

CPU is almost all the time stuck at 100%.

I did not use the device for a longer time (as I relocated and the NAS was in a container for shipment), but I can remember befor that I had speeds up to 100MB/s ; most of the time in the 80MB/s++.

At the NAS there is an additional Raid Box connected via USB 3.

Do you guys have similar speeds or ideas how to fix?

I deactivated all Media & Cloud services.

The setup in terms of connection did not change at all. Same goes for the settings in the NAS.

(Laptop being connected via GBit switch; there 2 network cables go to the NAS (Adaptive Load Balancing))

Thanks for your ideas and inputs.


If it’s possible first thing I’d do is test without USB device connected. It seems others here have had some issues with USB and latest firmware.

At the same time, I’d be ssh in to look at top and see what is hogging CPU. Other folks have reported a return of wdphotodbmerger and wdcserver (or whatever its called). Might wanna stop those if they’re running.


thanks for the reply.

I did some testings and removed the USB RaidBox.

The main process causing the CPU load is smbd.

So the question is, have there been any (maybe unknown) changes to the SAMBA implementation recently?

I did several restarts but still not back to the old values.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry can’t really help. It is interesting to note the device is running samba 4.0.9 and that 4.0.10 fixed bug where a netbios related process consumes 100% CPU. Didn’t go into the bug details. It could be unrelated. Still funny though.

Maybe request an update to samba on the suggestions page?