FW 1.04.31_B: WD TV Live Plus No Longer Goes to Sleep

Prior to updating the firmware, my WD TV Live Plus would go to sleep sometime after I finished using it.  Since the update, it never goes to sleep, and the attached USB drive stays live (power light stays on).  If I power cycle the WD TV, it doesn’t turn back on, causing my TV to claim there’s no signal.  If I unplug the TV Live’s power and then reapply power, the device boots up.

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?  I know the device takes quite a long time to boot up, and there were many user complaints about this.  So I checked the FW release notes to make sure this behavior was not on the list of “improvements.”  I assume this no-sleep behavior is a bug, so I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior?


I have not seen the sleep problem, but some of us have experienced the black screen when powering up the WD box. Here is a thread on that:

Black screen on power up

Thanks after a couple reboots, my WD TV is powering off as it should. I think what I thought was a power-on issue was actually the black screen problem.  All seems to be OK now.