Further refinements in upgrade request ... RAID10, + xfs built w/attrs+acls

I asked for the RAID10 in a previous note.

An easy way to do it that *might* work – (it would work, but never benchmarked the setup), is

to use the volume mirror – and get 2 mirrored volumes of 2TB each (in 8T unit).

Then either (and not sure which is best) create 1 physical volume with both mirrored volumes in

it (pvcreate), then a striped logical volume on top of the physical volume,

OR (probably best, but haven’t tried either)

2 physical volumes, each 1 one of the mirrored devices in it->

/dev/md0 → pv0

/dev/md1 → pv1

then 1 volume group with the 2 pv’s (lvcreate

lvol0 = (pv0 + pv1)

then make logical volume with 2 strips and a strip size equal to (what is optimal for your

HW?  How much buffering will the HD’s do on a write?  Maybe use strip size of 32-64K?

Anyway, that should give reasonable performance of up to 2X using 1 disk, but full data

backup and shouldn’t be CPU bound.

I note that the ext3 file system is built without acls and attrs.

How is the xfs file system built?  I could hope it was built with acls and attrs left in?

This would allow samba to support fulll NT acls to its shares.

Am I talking to air?


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