Fundamentals broken

Reading through the posts concerning the latest firmware update I’m stunned to read that WD has broken two fundamental functions of the HUB - the sceensaver stops audio playback and playlists don’t work!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but surely before you release an update you should check that these very basic functions work. I’ve got used to the fact that a fundamental bug that’s been in Hub since it was released won’t be fixed. Now WD has broken very basic features that were working! Does WD have a QA / QC process?

Rant over :wink:

“Does WD have a QA / QC process?”

Yes they certainly do.

Welcome to the QA / QC process Team!

Moving forward WD will likely just add each person who purchases a WD product to the Quality Assurance and Testing Team automatically for that product/version.

They have followed Logitech’s industry lead in using product owners to test non to semi functioning New Products/Firmware Releases/Software Releases & Updates!

In return for your contribution you will receive Support and Service that is sub standard to even the current offering.

New Slogan Suggestion = It Will Get Worse before It Never Gets Better.