Full Text Search available for EX2

There is now a new app for EX2 called QuikFynd. It allows searching content on EX2 from the App dashboard as well as from iPhone and Android. You can search by File names and also by Text content in Files.

I found the app mentioned on following link:

with more details at:

If other have tried it, can you please share your experience.

Hi, thank you very much for sharing this, hopefully this can help a lot of user to find their files quicker.

Hi, thanks for sharing it. I downloaded the app and tried it. It worked great. I have an EX2 NAS with 2 drives and have ~13000 files, mostly images and some documents. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could search based on text content versus just file names. I haven’t tried the mobile apps yet, which I will try next