Full test stuck at 90%


I recently updated to the latest firmware, did it via the dashboard and the system restarted normanny and seems to work fine.

But I have the problem that a full test of the system is stuck at 90% completion. The short test completed without a problem, the full test is stuck at 90%. There was a lot of HDD activity, now there is none.


The bottom right of the website says “Put your life on it”. Currently, I do not feel like I should trust my device. So please let us know what this means and how to deal with it. Factory restore is not really an option.


PS: This seems to be common issue, also with MyBook Live (non-Duo)

Huh, I left it on overnight, and now it seems like the test completed. This is strange, though. The last 10% took longer than the first 90% combined…