Full system test aborts

I have some bad sectors on the hard drive. I want to use full system test to identify and map them out. The system test begins normally and runs about 3 hours to 90% complete. Then the test stops and my web browser aborts.

what can I do?

Start by backing up the data on the My Cloud if it hasn’t been backed up. The see the following WD Support Knowedgebase Articles and perform the various suggestions in the article.

File System Check Failed or Has Detected Errors

My Cloud Scan Disk File System Check and Repair

If the single bay/single drive My Cloud internal hard drive has failed one can replace the internal hard drive with a new/used hard drive that has been properly partitioned and formatted and the proper firmware pushed to it. Note that the single bay/single drive My Cloud has two different versions and the methods are different for each when ti comes to setting up a drive for use within each version’s enclosure. Search the subforum for “unbrick” to find a number of methods to setup and install a new hard drive in a single bay/single drive My Cloud.

Thank you.