Full Restore time with MyCloud EX2

I just wanted to do a fresh, clean setup on my Gen 1 MyCloud EX2. The NAS has 2 x 10TB Red drives (older, CMR, 5400 rpm) that I figured was probably pretty fragmented and junky. A quick restore took about 10 min but I figured, what the heck, I’ll do a full restore. Took 24 hours! Not sure what the difference is - anybody know?

EDIT: I’ve just finished backing up my main computer to the EX2. I noticed on my Synology DS218play with 2 10 TB WD Gold drives, the average transfer speed was ~100MBPS. On the EX2, the average transfer speed was half that (~50MBPS). The EX2 has half the RAM (512MB) of the DS218play (1GB). Do you think this is the reason for the slower transfer? Or is there something else I’m missing?


There are two options to Reset a My Cloud device. Both use the Reset button located on the back of the device, please refer to the following KBA article for the details and instructions.


Please be informed that Slow transfer speed can occur due to slow LAN speed.

Thanks Logan, but I was talking about the full system reset, only available from the dashboard. I have a gigabit ethernet network and the speed with the Synology NAS (100MBPS - about the fastest you can get on gigabit ethernet) was twice as fast as the My Cloud doing the exact same job.