Full Reboot from your Chair....(without pulling the plug)

Without delving into firmware and other issues I have found the a full reboot (where you see the moon on the boot screen) after streaming Netflix or when the box gets slow or unresponsive really helps. However, navigating anywhere will usually lock up the box at some point so,

  1. Power down the box.
  2. Start the box up again.
  3. Watch for the Moon picture on the boot screen and if you don’t see it, turn the box off before it fully reboots.
  4. Turn the power on and you will see the screen with the moon and get a full reboot.

Your box should run like you just pulled the power plug to reboot it - without pulling the plug.

You can do the same thing from the setup menu with the restart command. It’ll reboot the unit.

…if you can get there…

There is that, but yer man up there is talking about forcing a reboot on startup, before the box locks up.

No, there are two levels of reboot. One - the one that clears the buffers and thus all the problems with the box being slow and locking up shows two boot screens - on with and one without the moon.
The other boot which is the short boot shows one screen and does not clear the buffers so if you are restarting because the box is slow or acting buggy it will continue to do that after the short boot.

In my experience you can reboot a bunch of times and maybe one of 5 or 6 will be a full reboot. Forcing a full reboot will save time and aggravation by clearing everything so the box will run like it should and so you don’t have to pull the plug to force a full reboot as pulling the plug is hard on your box and the power supply