Full HD

Hey everyone,

Another video recorder/editor here,

I wish to record full HD(1920x1080) movies from my dasktop or softwares and video games.

I have 2 SSD`s setup with Raid0 that can reach amazing speed of reading/writing,

However, writing full gigabytes and 90% of the times immediately remove or alter them is a dumb thing to do an SSD.

Right now am using an old 5400 or 5200 RPM(cant recall) WD hard drive that bottlenecks my video recording and sometimes even flags the windows for chkdsk, Not sure if its related or just old hdd (5 years).

That been said, I would like to repeat the FACT that the old WD HDD is the only bottleneck that i have while recording fullHD movies from dasktop (on ssd its smoothy smooth).

How to solve the issue?

I was thinking about VelociRaptor 450GB 2.5 inch 6GB s-ata X2 on Raid0

But with the needle flipping out specially 2 needles on 2 hard drives on Raid0 seems risky.

Is it safe? as far as an HDD can be considered safe on raid0?

What should i do/buy?

Thanks In Advance

Hi dude!!

If I were you, I would not try the 2.5" raptors unless you have a very powerful cooling system, plus, they are the BLHX models with no TLER to provent RAID drop-out, so if you have them on RAID 0, the data is at risk if you don’t have a backup…

I’d rather go for a WD AV-25… But then again, that’s just me.

Hope it helps!