Full backup and the backup of specific files on the same MyBookEssential


My question is as follows. You can perform a full backup and a backup for specific files on the same My Book Essential without any partition? Or before you need to partition the external drive My Book Essential?

Let me explain. I made a backup of my hard drive My Book Essential (about 50 GB of data), and then I made a backup for xampp files, containing under htdocs some local copies of remote sites, but have not performed any partition of my My Book Essential 1 TB. Now I have problems because I do not see the six categories of my pc (C :slight_smile: and my My Book colored in blue. And especially I do not dare to make any recovery, particularly of xampp, because I am afraid of losing all data on my hard disk to overwrite.

Excuse me. I do not know English well.


You can do a full backup, and backup specific files, without creating a new partition, the backups should be saved each to its own folder.