FTP writes stop working every few days

Ever since MycloudP400 firmware went to 5.22.113, FTP works as it should (I have several cameras each writing many hundreds of files every day). However, after around 3 days, file lengths become zero - and a few hours later the process fails completely - and if left that way, certain IPs get blacklisted, necessitating an FTP config cycle to free them up.

I have been using MyCloud for years in this way, hitherto without problem. It smacks of a stack size reduction or a memory hole. No error messages result, and either a MyCloud reboot or an FTP services stop/restart restores normal operation - for a few days then same problem.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone managed to down-issue firmware to 5.21.104 to restore a working FTP system?

“MycloudP400”? Do you mean My Cloud PR4100?
If so you may want to move your post/thread to the dedicated PR Series subforum where users more familiar with the PR4100 may be able to assist with your issue and questions.

OS5 My Cloud Pro Series

If you haven’t done so already you should use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to search through the OS5 subforums to see if there are any similar discussions that may be relevant to your issue(s).

Yes sorry - keyboard kept missing characters. PR4100 is the device. The only similar one to this is a chap whose unit “bricked” when it updated to this firmware release and that person couldn’t unwind it either. A Warning on Firmware update OS5 PR4100 56TB - #3 by Chocoa510

I have a support case open - but am struggling to get over the first hurdle.

Thanks for the heads up I’m in the wrong place - admins please lock/delete this thread - I’ll re-start it in the appropriate folder.