FTP Set up?


I am trying to set up my EX4 as a ftp server.  It seems like it is capable of it, but everything I try doesnt work, and documentation on doing this is non existant.  Any help?

port forwarding in the router? 

Yes, port 21 is good to go on the router.

Trying to do the same and finding the documentation stinks also.

I’ve never done this before.

Anyone got a step by step guide.  I think I have my ports forwarded, but how do you confirm?

Are you planning on using ftp from outside the network (WAN) or inside (LAN)? Their crappy ftp server doesn’t handle both simultaneously.

If WAN FTP access is what you’re looking to setup, then go into dashboard settings’ FTP Access configure screen and on 2nd screen (after clicking next) put in the external IP, either manually after googling for your IP or using the button. Then after you put in other values on the screen, does this external IP value reset to