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Hi all

I’m having some trouble connecting to my VPN configured NAS FTP server.
I have opened a specific port to redirect to my NAT’s internal IP address. That means on my own network the 192.168… address connects just fine to the FTP server, both with Filezilla and Firefox.
Using my actual ip adress ending on “:port” also works in Firefox and Filezilla. Here’s a partial log using Filezilla on my own network:

Status: Connecting to 87.73…:8021…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Response: 220 Welcome to WD My Cloud
Command: USER ()
Response: 331 Please specify the password.
Command: PASS *********
Response: 230 Login successful.
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode
Response: 226 Directory send OK.
Status: Directory listing successful

But unfortunately using the aforementioned details to login only works on my own network. I’ve tested the details on a computer outside my home and ftptest.net where I get the following result:

Status: Resolving address of 87.73…
Status: Connecting to 87.73…
Error: Connection attempt timed out

My NAS is a Western Digital My Cloud and in the options I’ve enabled FTP.

My router port forwarding is setup as follows:
ID Service Port Internal Port IP Address Protocol Status
1 8021 21 ALL Enabled

But the issue remains my ftp won’t allow outside connections. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance!

Does this help? This other user also opened port 20


Hello and thanks for your reply

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to make any difference. When using the “ftp://(your user share name) : (your usersharepassword)@(your external ip address)” in Explorer I get through perfectly fine on my own network. But when I use the tool www.ftptest.net (and I suppose any computer outside my network) i get timeout like the following:

Status: Resolving address of 87.73…

Status: Connecting to 87.73…

Error: Connection attempt timed out

I have also assigned a specific internal IP for the My Cloud and set it to static IP in the WD My Cloud Dashboard. I’m a beginner on this subject so I’ll attach some screenshots in case you can spot an error:


Is it not supposed to work outside of your own network?

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YOu have to enter 8020 in the first field up ther, then 20 in the second field. Repeat for 8021, and 21

When you enter your IP address, enter XX.XX.XX.XX:8021.

Opening port 21 only should work fine also.

This post explains FTP port mechanisms, if you are interested: http://www.mdjnet.dk/ftp.html

form the error it could be 2 thigns:

  1. Your  ISP is blocking port 21 if you only opened port 21. (I opened 20 and 21 for both external and internal as my ISP does not block it). If you are not using external port 20/21 then use the port that you mapped. Many ftp software allows use to use hostname, username and port. check here to make sure your ports are open http://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/

make sure your router allows vpn pass through.

  1. Make sure your FTP client is in passive mode. Many ftp clients allows either Active (client initiates connection for data) or passive (clients let the server handkle it). Mostly it should be passive.

For example, my command line client does not use pasv command and hence i cannot connect. But when I use Filezilla (defautl passive mode) it connects. Try it.


What is the purpose of establishing a VPN server?