FTP port forwarding for third NAS


I have 3 NAS WD devces on my home network. I have got the problem with setting up the third HD ftp connection.

I have alreay use 21 and 22 port forwarding.

What could be the thirs number to assign to the third drive, please?

Or what could be other solution to access them all via ftp - all 3 NAS on the network?

Any helpful suggestion will be gratly apprecuated.

Just edit the vsftpd.conf file and assign a different port number for ftp access. I have mine set up on port 5000

Thank you.

I have already  found this splendid solution in my case:

Single Port Forwarding Rule Examples:

External Port 21 => Internal Port 21 @ IP Address

External Port 10001 => Internal Port 21 @ IP Address

External Port 10002 => Internal Port 21 @ IP Address

Access URL Examples: