FTP passive port range assignment

Does anyone know if there is a way to set the passsive port range used by the FTP service on the WD Sharespace?

I’m not talking about the FTP ports 20 and 21, but rather the random ones that get switched to for data transfer.

If they are not user configurable, does anyone at least know what it is by default?  **bleep**, I hope it isnt 1024 to 65000 (the whole range). That would **bleep** as it would be impossible to have anything else behind the same router and expect it to work. 

Even if it is retricted by not changable, that means one can not run two of them on the same network and have them be externally reachable via FTP.

BTW, if anyone isn’t sure what I am talking about, this is the reason why you cant get your Sharespace to work via FTP thru a firewall.

A solution, although not a good one, seems to be to make sure that the FTP client software is running “Active” mode only. This works around the problemon the server end.

Note that the “Firefox” browser does not support Active mode at all and can not be used . IE will support it if you uncheck the passive box in the advanced options. I have found that passwords and user names need to be imbedded in the IE URL bar in this mode to get it to work. It will fail if you dont embedd access info.

  FileZilla and most other real FTP clients should be configurable to active mode. Then success would depend on the configuration of the cient end firewall. All this makes it really hard  to set up multiple remote clients.

If only the server passive mode range was user configurable then the server could be set up to deal with the firewall port forwarding issues and the clients would have it easy.

You may be able to obtain this information by SSH, but I am not too familiar with it.  I suggest you to contact WD Support and ask your request to be handled by their Level II.


I have been having a dialog with someone at WD for two days now.

I will post it eventually.

The person I am conversing with is reading from a script.

He is still talking about changing ports 20 and 21 per the user manual.

If I ask him for level II support, is that the code word for him to transfer the trouble ticket to someone who knows what I am talking about?

Well, it took a bit of back and forth with WD, but I finally got an answer.

Note that the particular WD Sharespace that I am playing with is in a remote location used for video survelience and it will be a few days before I can get to it and test this out, but if you read to the very bottom of the following thread, the answer to the “passive” ports needing to be forwarded is posted. 


I have a camera that is running on ports 5000 thru 5003, which is why I was unwilling to allocate all possible high ports to the WD Sharespace.

The range you indicate avoids the camera ports and will conveniently work well with my needs.

Again, thanks!

I posted the solution but apparently that violates the terms of service for this forum.