FTP outside acces


I have setup my EX2 to allow ftp with the settings everyone has gone over in regards to my public shares with proper permissions and ftp enabled and port forwarding settings correct in my router.

When tested outside my network ovber filezilla we are able to get logged in as any of the users even the admin account but no folders show up. Any ideas for me why none of the folder shares show up?

I can ftp in locally and view all folders.

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

Check to see if the shares have ftp access enabled as well as the option located on the network section on the dashboard to see if this is what is happening. You also can try to disable the ftp option and re enable it.

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Hi ArMak,

Thanks for the suggestions. After disabling and re-enabling ftp in both the network settings and on each share as well as doing a reboot of my entire network and the ex2 outside ftp can still get logged in but no folders show up in filezilla.

most of the time when i change a setting in my WD EX2 , even changing an access policy , it needs a rebooted to work