FTP Management

I have been able to successfully setup the FTP feature on my 4TB MyCloud and users are successfully able to login. However, I cannot seem to figure out any way to determine which users are logged in via FTP or monitor their activity.  My limited understanding of FTP is that a more traditional setup would have an FTP server program that would also provide an FTP activity log.  Does anyone know if the WD dashboard has these capabilities or can someone please recommend a third party software that may track the FTP activity?  Many thanks in advance.

The Dashboard does not show an activity log for FTP.

However, it does allow you to decide which users will be able to access the drive with that protocol.

Not certain of a FTP client that can do that.

As i mentioned in my post i have already successfully setup FTP and did so without the need to login via SSH. My question regards logging FTP activity.

I can tell that you are down on the MyCloud which is admittedly buggy and frustrating at times, but it is also the best value for cloud storage on the market. As the old saying goes you get what you pay for. I was on the verge of shipping mine back as well, but i have stuck with it and it runs reasonably well considering the cost.

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