FTP download application EX4100

Hi, I just bought my EX4100 with one objective - use the internal FTP Download application to be able to backup my website and attachted database.

Nomather what I try, it doesn’t work. Let me explain: When you boot the device and login, go to the application menu, select ftp download, create a new job, direct it to my ftp server (port 21) and logging in with an account; sometimes I see the directory structure on the my ftp server and I can select the folders (this is rare, and only when I boot the device, I’m unable to reproduce the folder structure a second time ;-( ).

When I do get the folder structure, I select the folders I wish to backup, and create the job. Than the application freezes on “Updating”, times-out and gives me the login screen of the device without creating the FTP job …

I’ve anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please replay, it has taken me already 2 days to try and figger it out …


By the way - I can connect to my EX4100 via FTP (internal and external IP) without issue…Maybe it’s the internal application that is not working accordingly?

Hi there,

If you connect from the computer to the unit and then try to transfer from your FTP to your unit from the computer. Do you get the same result?

Hi, thanks for the question, I’ve tried that and it works fine.