FTP connection problems

Hello all,

On the latest firmware, v1.02.03, I’ve been having problems connecting to my MBL using my usual ftp client, Filezilla. Connection through a web browser are fine but dosn’t allow server uploads.

After activating ssh and getting access to vsftpd’s.conf  configuration file I found out that the problem was the max_per_ip=1 setting.


This has been changed from it’s default 0 (Unlimited) setting to 1 which limits the max amount of clients that can connect from the same source IP address. 


After changing this setting back to it’s default setting  I was able to connect without problems with my ftp client. Seems ftp cliente software, or Filezilla at least, uses more than one connection to connect to the server. 

For your information.

You can change Filezilla setting to use one connection if you like to.

menu -> edit -> setting -> transfer 

You can also use sftp to access all your drive, securely, from a distance, through internet.

Connexion will be encrypted, that can cause some overhead and slow the transfer But then… internet is not so fast, is it 

I am using asymmetric DSL, so speed is limited to 1024 Kb/s when receiving data from the drive.