FTP and Transmission won't ask for passwords when reaching MCM from outside computer (+)


I have static IP

Zyxel Router BGN460

WD MyCloud Mirror


Problem is that I set up FTP and Transmission access from outside of the LAN.

Port forwarding on my router was set to 9092 > 9092 for Transmission and 21 > 21 for FTP.

When I login to FTP / Transmission web interface from outside computer, using the static IP address of my router, i get through router to my MCM without being asked for Login and Password. That means zero security and everybody can see what’s on my hard drive! The problem is that I can’t find where i do set password for FTP (no such setting in the dashboard of MCM). In Transmission GUI application which i installed, i set the login and password, but they are only asked when loggin from the applications, and still nothing is asked if logging through web interface. 

What might be the problem?

Thank you!

Hello ziabo, let’s see if any of the other users can share some advice.


I think a solved the problem with FTP. In “shares settings” I switched off “anonymous FTP accesss” to shares. Now, loggin from outside of my LAN, it asks for login / password.

However, the problem with Transmission persists. When reaching Transmission GUI web interface from outside, it ignores T-GUI application settings and does not ask for login / password. 

Any ideas?