FTP address

I am trying to set up an FTP client on my iPad. I have a my world book live white light drive so the we apps don’t work and I have found a third party app, It ask for my FTP address and I can’t seem to find this anywhere. I have set the sharing the drive menus, I have set the router to forward port 20/21. I just don’t seem to be able to find the FTP address to enter into the app. Any help please.

this information will help

FTP Client Setup

Thanks. I am afraid that I am still struggling. Partly because my dashboard was different to the one in the article, and had no “secure device” button or the storage option to get the IP address.

My main problem is that I did not/do not know what an ftp address looks like. I used the “ftp://username:password@192.etc” but this was not recognised by the client

The generic 192. etc is the only IP address that I can find, it is basically the same as my router address with a different digit at the end. I assume this us the same IP address for all routers of this make and thus anything connected to them. So finding it hard to find the individual IP address of my drive to create the ftp address.