FTP access

Which models of NAS and MyCloud support Anonymous FTP access? Which support user account restricted FTP? Which support SSH SFTP?

Not sure any of the various My Cloud models support anonymous FTP out of the box. The single bay My Cloud units (which is the subject of this subforum) generally are limited to access per user account. The more expensive multi bay My Cloud units may have more configuration options for the FTP server included within the My Cloud. The single bay models generally just have an ON/OFF button for activating the FTP server.

The single bay My Cloud models do appear to support SSH SFTP (at least I can connect to a v4.x version single bay My Cloud using Filezilla using SSH SFTP).

Unofficially one may be able to use SSH to modify the firmware of the single bay My Cloud units to allow for anonymous access.

All of this said however, FTP is a very insecure protocol. Information transmitted via FTP may be unencrypted and susceptible to interception. SFTP is better but not all FTP type programs may support SFTP.

If you need more information you should read through each of the My Cloud model user manuals to gain a fuller understanding of how FTP works on each model and any FTP server configuration options if available.

Firstly dont use FTP, your sending plain text passwords across the internet and people could steal them (seriously i have done it before to prove this very point)
The Gen1 My Cloud has vsftpd which is a standard Linux FTP service which can be additionally modified for SFTP by creating and adding the correct SSL settings. It also has support for anonymous access but i would highly discourage as again its easy to flood your NAS with Terabytes of data.
Getting both Logging in and anonymous access running is a little bit of a pain but can be easily managed.
I cant recommend the Gen2 however due to the firmware deleting/resetting a large portion of the configs when it restarts however my knowledge on the Gen2 is lacking,

Most shops will have the Gen2 so be careful. Additionally i believe the MyCloud Mirror also has the same problem.