FTP access to MBLD


Can someone please give me a little guidance on how to connect to MBLD by ftp. I have read the knowledgebase article, but unfortunately it is note really that helpful.

Thanks for any assistance.


How are you trying to connect to it? From your local network, or from the internet?

To connect from your local network

  1. Go to the UI >> Settings >> Network Settings >> FTP and check the box to enable it

  2. Create a user that has a password (FTP requires a user account with a password)

  3. From your local network attempt to connect to the MBLD using an FTP client (FileZilla is pretty straight forward)

 - If you are using FileZilla

  - Put in your device name or IP

  - Insert user name

  - Insert password

FileZilla will default to ports 20-21. You should see it connect right away and bring up your MBLD directory listing.

Once you have this set up you know that the FTP server is working. If you want to access if from the internet it is a little more complicated and depends on your current Internet setup.

If your Internet setup is straight-forward you should be able to enable port forwarding on your router, and forward ports 20-21 to the MBLD.

The problem you will have then is getting your public IP address. If you are setting this up for someone else to connect then you can just check your IP prior to giving it to them. If you are setting this up for your own external use then you might look into a Dynamic DNS service.

*** Make sure that if your enable port forwarding that you have a strong password on the MBLD, because it will be connecting to the internet.