FTP access to MBLD from a network


I have tried to access MBLD via ftp on my local network and have successfully managed to achieve this with help from contributions here.

I have a further issue now: I want to access MBLD from an internet connection that is not my local connection.

I have read the ‘connect via ftp’ article and it states that in order to achieve this I need to set up port forwarding (done) and then enter the username, password and IP address of the device. The article states 'You can view the current IP of the drive by logging into the Storage Manager and then click on System Status.'

I have spent some time tying to find this in the MBLD UI to no avail.

Can someone help me to find the IP address please.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Mark,

The quickest way to get the IP of your MBLD would probably be to ping it. Open a command prompt and type “ping mybookliveduo” (without the quotes, providing you have not renamed the drive).

To find the IP address in the UI go to Settings >> Network >> LAN Configuration. It should be listed below the MAC address.