Fsck or other way to check health of USB connected drives

I tried issuing an fsck command in ssh to check my externally attached drive (fsck /dev/sdc2) but it seems that fsck is not recognized or is not a part of OS5 ?

not much help but if I open (look at) my USB with WS Access via a computer windows 10 my anti-virus program will scan it.

it’s ok.

i’m looking for a way to check the disk health on the USB connected device without disconnecting it from the EX2. its a hardware RAID 1 that’s formatted HFS+.

i have in the past, removed the individual drives from the enclosure and ran a diskutility on each one. but that messes up the partition map of the array.

@cs7404 fsck.hfs is what you’re looking for and is not included/supported on My Cloud.


is it possible to add support for fsck on the my cloud ?

its a convenience to be able to do that from ssh. otherwise will just have to unplug the usb to connect directly to my mac for periodic disk utility checks.

another thing i wonder, is the EX2 using software RAID or hardware RAID for the setups available in the dashboard ?