I purchased a WD HD Media Player several months ago to combine with a ‘My Passport’ (model WD800U017)

After weeks of frustration trying to convert WMV files to AVI (only achieved after a recent update to the Arcsoft  Media Converter software) I am still only able to see JPEG photos on the TV. I copied one of the converted AVI files on to a USB stick and the media player plays it no problem (albeit the quality of the playback is not as good as on the PC??) so more head scratching. However - this evening I found a list of the compatible devices, and this particular My Passport is not listed…can that be true?? If so it is revert to plan B - a 16GB USB stick and just use the My Passport for back up!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Why would you use arcsoft? Use alltoavi or handbrake to convert the videos to a supported codec.

From what i’ve seen the compatibility list only shows what they know 100% will work (I guess this is what they used to test the unit with).

I have plenty of drives that work with the WD TV with no issues that are not on the list.