Another frustrating day with the SMP.

After getting the HDDs on a USB hub to work, then moving the set up and re-connecting, it’s all not working anymore.

I cleared each drive individually and cleared (then turned off) the media library on the player.  I re-attached everything and the light on the front of the player flashed for 30 minutes, despite having media library and scraping both turned off.

Looking into what’s attached it only shows 1 of the 4 HDDs.  Trying to eject that and it’s not having it - just the circle of death going round and round.

A real pain in the backside.

Steve W

It too about 20 minutes tto eject.  The SMP then immediately found a 2nd of the 4 HDDs attached to the hub.

So it’s going to take me an hour and a half just to eject all 4 HDDs safely.

Steve W

I’ve had a bit of a though.  The HDD which appears to be slowing everything down and fowling things up is my ‘Movie Collections’ HDD.

Now this drive is pretty folder heavy…  All the other drives have just one folder per film - film & artwork inside that folder.

The ‘Collections’ HDD has layers - sometimes multiple.  For examplw (and to be fair the is the worst) I have Horror - inside that I have a number of sub-folders,including Classic British Horrors.  In that I have ‘Hammer’, Amicus, and Other.  Inside Hammer I have Dracula, Frankensiein, etc.  Inside Dracula I have one folder for each of the Hammer Dracula films.

Might I be better off without any folders?  Even in the other HDDs, might I be better off with no folders whatsoever, and all the films just at the root?

Steve W