Frustrating 31652 error!

WD 2go used to work, but the last couple of months it has stopped working!

I’m trying to connect WD 2go app by creating a remote acces code in the menu in the My Book LIve dashboard. The following error occurs:

31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device. Please make sure you do not have any network connectivity issues.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware, but nothing helps. My network works fine and I can access the drive fine from my computer.

Is the drive connected to the router or the PC?

For some reason the drive is not connecting to the internet

you can access the drive since you are connecting to your local network

The drive is connected to the router. My network is working just fine for alle else. The latest firmware release was downloaded via my wd live’s dashboard, so I guess it’s connected to the internet. I have tried both statich and dhcp ip-addresse assignment. None of them solved the problem, I keep getting the same error!

The device may be able to access the Internet, but the NAS can’t reach our WD 2go servers and/or authenticate to them. Try disabling/enabling Remote Access – this will force it to query the server again. If you’re still not able to generate a DAC, shoot me a message so we can setup a troubleshooting session. We’ll probably have to do a factory restore, so make sure your data is backed up. Just to be sure you need one, though, I’ll need to get into the back-end of your device and check a few files; if they’re OK, then something else is going on.