Frustrated with The Mysterious White Box

Although I’ve been forgiving of WD products, there has been times that I am willing to admit defeat, like right at this moment.

After using my USB MyBook as a local drive recently, I decided to plug it back into my Cloud.

However, after plugging it back in, I noticed that MyBook has defaulted back to public access; so I switched it off… and gave one of my power user full access…

That is when MyCloud goes into this “secret mode” that takes up 100% of the CPU, my SSH is not responding, the status on the Dashboard is “Saving…please wait”…

I’m fairly sure that MyCloud is going through all 3.7TB of files setting permissions on my USB NTFS drive to my new User since the MyBook is blinking occasionally.

The problem isn’t the fact that it is doing probably what it suppose to do, but it is the fact that the user doesn’t know what the Cloud is doing; in fact I think it is locked up and maybe it is? Normally like most user, I would think that this device has crashed and would have pulled the plug.

The reason that I don’t pull the plug anymore is the other mysterious “Initialization” process that took over 3 hours last time of which I pulled theplug 3 times until I read online that 3 hours was normal. So I’m waiting it out… again… on a mysterious process that causes my device not to respond.

Although I love my MyCloud and MyBook for the most part, it is this type of insane activity that will drive me towards another product. 

I understand that there is only 1 blinking LED light that tells us the status of the drive, but you do have a dashboard that indicate progress. There is definitely something wrong when the device is taking up 100% cpu and the user doesn’t know why.

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You are absolutely, 100% correct Ralphael. When I first got my MyCloud I did as you … pull the power until I realized I was actually harming my own progress. I wish, through the Dashboard or some Task Icon, that would popup with a message that stated what was happening. If someone never visted this board they are totally in the dark … not that we are in much better shape, but at least we are helping each other as much as we can.


So I pulled the plug… and thank god it came back up without the frigging 2 year initialization…

What is interesting is that the media scan is now stopped automatically after a reboot.  I get the notification message that Media Scan Stopped. 

The device stopped scanning your media. As a result, some thumbnails will not display when you access it remotely. To resume scanning, please restart your WD My Cloud device. Code 2300

So, now to test plugging in the USB WD MyBook again. The system has rebooted, without any services stopped.

wish me luck

it is back to normal … for now…