Frustrated! Media Library will not update

Hi I just got a WDTV Live plus, and when i add content to the NAS box it doesnt show up right away and most of the time I have to restart or re-copy the file.

Also, when I delete content from the NAS box its still listed in the media library and it wont go away! (Obviously it wont play because its deleted from the media server)

*When I go to options file management section…all my content is listed properly…only when im in video mode the list is not updated…

Frustrated and will return soon. BTW, all my firmware is up to date…

Not sure what you’re looking at, because there’s no Media Library for NAS devices, only for USB-attached disks.

If you change content on your NAS, all you should have to do is exit the Media Browser by pressing the HOME button, and browse from the start, and all your changes should be visible.

Media Library for NAS devices only exists in the Live Hub, not the Plus.

My WD TV live plus is connected to a iomega DLNA media server. When I add or delete content it never updates…even after I hit the home button and rebrowse…or even after I power it down and start it back up. 

*correction…when I add material it will eventually update…but when I delete content, it still shows on the play list. Of course it doesnt play because the file is deleted and I would get a error messsage. 

The interesting thing is, mentioned in my first post is,…when I go through the file management option to see whats on my media server…its all up to date.  (Things I added are there, and things that I have deleted are not listed.)

Ah.   Well, that’s a different story.

The issue is with your Media Server.   You need to go into its control panel and force an update to its database.  Almost ALL media servers behave that way.

Does IOmega use Twonky?   If so, the Twonky Control Panel has the Update function under the MAINTENANCE TAB.


Most media servers also allow you to vary the frequency of its AUTO-UPDATES.  

With Twonky:


But keep in mind, that timer will usually cause your NAS to “wake up” just to do what might be a useless re-scan…  That’s why I keep mine set to ZERO and just do a manual rescan whenever required.

Thanks I think its working now! The iomega cloud media server has a very strange interface, but I jjust went digging around looking for a “re-scan”…everything seems to be updated. THanks for your help!